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PMU Flawless Brow Machine

PMU Flawless Brow Machine

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Introducing our state-of-the-art PMU Machine, meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled precision and flawless results in permanent makeup application. Designed with the needs of PMU professionals in mind, our machine combines cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design for optimal performance and comfort.

Key Features:

  • Precision Needle System: Our machine comes with four 1P needles, each crafted for precise pigment delivery and exceptional results in microshading, lip blush, eyeliner tattooing, and more.
  • Adjustable Speed and Depth: Tailor the speed and depth of needle penetration to suit different skin types, techniques, and client preferences, ensuring optimal results and client satisfaction.
  • Dual Battery System: Enjoy tattooing sessions with one wireless rechargeable battery included in the kit. One battery offers wireless operation for ultimate portability, while the second is a plug in option.
  • Charging Convenience: The kit includes two charging cords and one port, allowing you to charge both batteries simultaneously for maximum convenience and efficiency.
  • Hygienic Needle Cartridges: Our machine utilizes a removable and autoclavable needle cartridge system, ensuring easy cleaning and sterilization between procedures, maintaining strict hygiene standards, and ensuring client safety.
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