Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

  • We are currently located at 930 West Hill Street, Charlotte, NC 28208

How can I schedule a training with you?

  • All 1:1 trainings are held here in Charlotte, NC. You can see dates and Availibity on our website at https://browsbykeke.com/collections/online-trainings 

What are your prices for services?

  • We offer multiple services! For accurate pricing, please visit our website at www.browsbykeke.com

How can I schedule an appointment?

  • You can schedule an appointment by clicking the link in our Instagram bio and select "Charlotte Appointment Bookings" or by visiting  www.styleseat.com/BBK 

What is Eyebrow Tint? How long does it last?

  • Semi-permanent service that enhances the natural brow to give a fuller appearance
    • Lasting up to 2 weeks, but can vary per person depending on skin type (dry, oily, combination)
What’s the difference between Microshading and Microblading?
  • Microshading known as Ombré Brows, is a permanent shading technique that uses a fine needle to give a fuller, thicker, powder natural make up look to your brows
    • Permanent service that will last indefinitely with yearly touch-ups
    • Touch-ups allow the client to re-shape, darken, and add length to their brows (if needed) 
  • Microblading is a hair stroke technique giving your brows a fluffy, but also natural look 
    • Permanent service that can last 12-18 months with frequent tough-ups 
    • Touch-ups allow clients to fill-in or re-create brows